Masyarakat Melayu Loughborough

Menjana Jalinan Ukhuwah

Islam Awareness Week 25th – 29th Feb 2008

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EVENING TALKS: James France, Loughborough University @ 6:30 pm

Monday 25/2/2008

– Today’s Science and Evolution Theory (Harun Yahya Team, Turkey)

Tuesday 26/2/2008

– Islam and Terrorism (Abu Muntasir, UK)

Wednesday 27/2/2008

-Love, Marriage and Women in Islam (Abdur Raheem Green, UK)

Thursday 28/2/2008

– No more bacon….. No more booze… Why did I become a Muslim? (Umar Abdullah, formerly Tobias Tait)

Friday 29/2/2008

– “Ask a Muslim” – your question answered (Dawud Matthews, Markfield)



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